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Deb Owen | Strategy Designed For Velocity
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A Manifesto For Your Business & Your Life


(It’s Italian meaning ‘the Way’…..and there’s a better one)


Reinvent the Status Quo.

Because Fitting In Is Highly Over-rated.

Collaborating with Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Problem-Solvers + Social Enterprises to Create New Status Quos + Change the World

Creating Innovation, Business + Marketing Strategies Designed For Velocity.  Building Brands That Matter.  

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About Deb, founder of Percorso


Deb Owen is founder of Percorso, LLC and debjowen.com. From vision to execution, Deb creates strategies designed for velocity for conscious capitalists who are catalysts for social change.  

Serving as an outsourced Chief Innovation + Marketing Officer to startups, corporations, and organizations devoted to social change, Deb’s strengths as both a futuristic and strategic thinker, combined with experience in operations, marketing, human capital and strategic planning allows her to build powerful, integrated strategies that align with overarching objectives;  ensuring investments generate the highest returns while reinforcing brand positioning.    

Based on the belief that the economic empowerment of women benefits larger society, Deb also offers business strategy sessions, programs and content created to equip and empower existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs in the design and growth of businesses that artfully express their vision.  

Fusing the investigative and creative acts of determining the most direct route to your audience, solutions range from ideation, vision-casting and strategy creation to business modeling, organizational and marketing strategy to providing creative direction and overseeing the production of materials needed to most efficiently and directly reach your target audience.  

Balanced with the practical expertise brought through operations, Deb unearths the ‘why,’ helps determine the ‘what,’ and designs the ‘how’ for your organization that charts a unique path to the most linear route that creates sustainable, organic growth. 

This is where creativity meets strategy;  where vision becomes reality.

Practiced at the art of innovation and pragmatics of turning strategy into action,  Deb uses her 25 years of experience working in the consumer, business, and non-profit sectors to help clients build healthy, sustainable businesses.

She delivers results through close collaboration with clients, facilitating and managing the contributions of a diverse group of strategic thinkers and creative practitioners.

Deb has served at an eight-county regional economic development organization led by  a former Lt. Governor.  (Not just any Lt. Governor either.  She soundly managed five state agencies that administered over $1 billion in programs.)  Overseeing all marketing efforts, including brand development, online marketing, advertising, press relations, and alignment of communications with regional partners, she developed a vision and voice that created a cohesive region.

She’s worked with military and civilian leaders in the Army and Navy, and a slew of others in state and national level government.  She impacted a small, struggling, unknown, disjointed region by creating a unified, cohesive voice and implementing strategies that resulted in the establishment of a national presence. 

Marketing and communications strategies have resulted in placements and mentions that include CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Bloomberg Business, Chicago Tribune, amongst many others.

Deb has also worked with and for international multi-million dollar consumer electronics & telecommunications corporations, and worked one-on-one with a large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Spending a portion of her corporate life in learning & development, Deb designed and delivered a year long program based on the Toyota Production System after being trained at Toyota herself.  So she understands the facets of operations of a successful corporate landscape — and knows how to design programs that work.

Deb was tapped by Carolyn Kepcher, formerly of the Trump Organization and the board room of the Apprentice, to write for a project called ‘Work Her Way’ alongside the likes of Bobbi Brown, of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Cathie Black, CEO of Hearst Publications that publishes ‘O’ Magazine.

A firm believer that entrepreneurialism and business is the driver of social change, she is devoted to being a catalyzer and creator of socially conscious capitalism.


To request a quote for your business or organization, to book a speaking gig,  or just to say hello, contact support-at-debjowen-dot-com.  Unfortunately, due to volume, not all emails can be answered directly.  But every single one is read.  Promise.

Break Free.  Reinvent the Status Quo.







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