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1400 CEOs Globally Are Redefining Success This Way (Are You?)

13 Apr 1400 CEOs Globally Are Redefining Success This Way (Are You?)

Reorganization.  Fresh blood.  Throwing more money at the problem.
The same answers dressed in different garb have garnered the same lackluster results.
The old guard is talking cost, convenience and functionality.
The new guard insists on building deeper relationships with customers.  Buzzwords are flying.  Fingers are pointing.
All the same, you find yourself trapped in yet another Monday morning meeting back at the whiteboard brainstorming ideas to gain momentum.

You’re getting nowhere, tilting at windmills, running around in circles.  The wheels, they are spinning.

Meanwhile, you’re worried about over-regulation, talent acquisition and cyber-security, while trying to balance quarterly results with growth strategies that work in the long-term. 
You also know that everyone is competing for the short-attention-span of the same people you’re trying to reach.
Your customers and potential customers are constantly bombarded.  There’s a pitch fest on every corner.  Your shareholders and stakeholders have heard it all before.  Your proposals and presentations meet the sound of crickets.  Throngs of people are knocking at the same investor’s doors.  The innovative talent you are seeking is being courted by so many they can have their pick.
And if that’s not bad enough, you know that trust in business declined in 2015 to the lowest levels since 2008 – and CEOs are viewed as the least credible sources of information. *
Down in the tactical weeds, that vision of scalable, sustainable revenue growth taking flight, the unified team, brand evangelists (aka, customers) touting your every move, as people breathlessly await your next announcement seems a distant dream.
You know it’s possible.  Engagement that drives revenue.  A team so united that the culture eats strategy for breakfast as it drives sales.   A level of confidence that leads employees to commit to staying, partners to collaborate over the long-term and investors to entrust you with stewardship of their funding.
According to PriceWaterhouse Cooper’s annual CEO Survey, CEO’s overall are less confident about business growth in these uncertain and complicated times.  Stakeholders increasingly want businesses to tackle more important problems.
Companies are focusing even more strongly on customer needs, while drawing on their own sense of purpose to define a more comprehensive view of how their business operates within society.  Forward-thinking companies are shaping their entire value proposition, strategy, operations and capabilities tightly around a commitment to what they stand for.
Priorities and viewpoints are becoming increasingly divergent amongst stakeholders ranging from employees to investors, as customer behavior becomes more complicated.  In five years, CEOs believe customers and stakeholders will put a premium on the way companies conduct themselves in global society. 
To drive this change, it’s not enough to offer up data, research and facts.  To drive revenue, engagement, innovation, change + scalable, sustainable results requires crafting a captivating, compelling story that moves people to action told through more direct, more targeted channels.
Today’s world requires a different approach and a new dialogue rooted in strategy and story.   As audiences become more sophisticated crafting lives that follow non-traditional paths including non-traditional expectations, the time-tested tradition of storytelling has emerged as the most direct way to reach hearts and minds of critical audiences.
Knowing that data can persuade, but doesn’t inspire action; greater shifts are being made as entrepreneurs, businesses and forward-thinking leaders enlist storytellers to connect and engage with potential audiences in a powerful way designed to change attitudes and drive behavior.
Quality storytelling isn’t a gift or talent.  It’s a craft.  It’s a craft that takes time, effort and hard work to do well.  It’s the way the CEO’s surveyed who are planning for growth will lead in the next quarter, in the next five years and beyond.