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(Slay The Dragons Your Competition Won’t Even Dare Fight)

Drive Revenue, Engagement, Innovation, Change + Scalable, Sustainable Growth

Your people are passionate.

Your product, unparalleled.

Your processes are a thing of streamlined beauty. 

Reorganization.  Fresh blood.  Throwing more money at the problem.  The same answers dressed in different garb have garnered the same lackluster results.

The old guard is talking cost, convenience and functionality.  The new guard insists on building deeper relationships with customers.  Buzzwords are flying.  Fingers are pointing.

All the same, you find yourself trapped in yet another Monday morning meeting brainstorming ideas to gain momentum.   

You’re getting nowhere, tilting at windmills, running around in circles.  The wheels, they are spinning.

Meanwhile, you’re worried about over-regulation, talent acquisition and cyber-security, while trying to balance quarterly results with growth strategies that work in the long-term.

And if that’s not bad enough, you know that trust in business declined in 2015 to the lowest levels since 2008 — and CEOs are viewed as the least credible sources of information. *

Down in the tactical weeds, that vision of scalable, sustainable revenue growth taking flight, the unified team, brand evangelists (aka, customers) touting your every move, as people breathlessly await your next announcement seems a distant dream.

You know it’s possible.  Engagement that drives revenue.  A team so united that the culture eats strategy for breakfast as it drives sales.   A level of confidence that leads employees to commit to staying, partners to collaborate over the long-term and investors to entrust you with stewardship of their funding.

Lip Service Won’t Sustain You

Increasingly sophisticated customers, employees, investors and partners have grown wise to politicized corporate-speak.  They’re responding less to sanitized messaging devoid of meaning.

(All people hear now is Charlie Brown’s teacher standing at the chalkboard. They simply do not care.)

1400 CEOs Globally Are Redefining Success

“CEOs want to improve how they measure the impact of risk and the value of their innovations. This is not a substitute for everything that is measured today, but it is a way to focus as much as possible on the greatest sources of uncertainty in their business. Next, they want to do more to communicate their values and strategies to reaffirm the core emotions and value of the business. With business changing fast, customers, partners, and employees are eager to understand and participate; CEOs see this changing in their stakeholders. Ultimately the CEO must deal with both of these matters, the head and the heart, to secure the confidence of all their stakeholders to move ahead.” – 2016 Price Waterhouse Cooper CEO Survey


(Big Data Will Not Save You)

Persuasion doesn’t come from data, facts, numbers and stats.  Facts, data and even the numbers on your bottom line tell the story of the past.

That is, if the data has even been constructed into a story that makes meaning for those you need to persuade. The way we’ve been trained to compose business presentations and reports based on statistics, quotes and inductive logic only gives us a snapshot of yesterday.  At best, this information lays out a cross-section of the now. 

To cast visions that inspire scores of people to invest in your desired end requires telling stories that take on the qualities of myth.  These myths become the legend on the map others can follow.

Five years from now, the most successful organizations will have redefined business success, shifting their views and priorities to create value for a wider set of stakeholders. 

They will clearly communicate (and demonstrate) values, ethics and contribution to solving greater challenges in the world. 

They will also be the organizations who tell their story in a clear, compelling, consistent way across all the right mediums — across all the right platforms.  These are the organizations that will have the confidence – and resources – to build scalable, sustainable growth for the future.


(Change with it or be prepared to pull the rip cord on that golden parachute.)

Make no mistake.  This is hard work.

And no one in your organization can do this right now.


Because they don’t teach how to construct a compelling story in school.  (They teach how to report.)

Because your English majors don’t understand the complexities of business.

Because the tech developers want to go directly to talking about functionalities + capabilities your audience doesn’t yet understand.

Because people aren’t thinking strategically, they’re just following (and recommending) the latest trends.

This is how you beat the competition of the future.

Whether you’re pitching for funding, communicating with shareholders, launching a new product or marketing campaign…..whether you’re telling your story in a speech, a presentation, a video or online…..for story to resonate, persuade and move people to action, it needs three things:


Story that works isn’t a story that’s random.  Story that works is built on a proven structure used from Gilgamesh to Dickens to Hollywood.   It places a hero at the center of a story that drives the hero to action leading to a happy ending.  (Hint:  The hero at the center of your story isn’t you.)

This isn’t a formula, but the form.  A compelling story that connects, resonates and moves people to action has structure, rhythm and cadence.  It’s music that breaks through a noisy marketplace, drawing others in to participate, to collaborate, to become invested in your success as you become invested in theirs.



A story without strategy is a story with no place to go.  Chasing the latest, coolest, hippest trend isn’t a strategy.  A YouTube video doesn’t close the sale for you.  Another standard powerpoint presentation isn’t going to wow shareholders or potential investors.   The most well-crafted business story in the world only matters when it meets your intended capable-of-taking-action audience where they are.

B2B or B2C, potential customers or investors, an individual will have at least six different channels of interactions with a brand before making a move, and will experience frustration through inconsistencies they find within those interactions.  Choose the right six.


Business relies on the facts of what is.  Truth tells how and why the facts are as they currently are.  In the corporate environment, the brave soul who brings a problem to the light of day is viewed, not as a problem-solver, but as negative.  The brave soul who brings a problem to the light of day also may suffer career-impacting consequences.  Living in this sort of denial has brought many a company to a slow and lingering death. 

The truth is your message is too positive.  The fear of change, along with the fear of failure, prevents businesses from telling the wholestory.  This is the reason your audience doesn’t trust you.  Stories that inspire others are stories of overcoming obstacles. To move your audience (your hero) to action in the most powerful ways, to foster trust in your business, your story has to tell the truth.



 (While driving engagement, revenue and change at the same time)

STORY + STRATEGY is a 3-day onsite, private, intensive workshop that gives your team a repeatable framework that captivates + compels any audience to join your business movement – while driving innovation, engagement, investment, change and revenue all at the same time.  

(whether you’re communicating with shareholders, launching a new product or marketing campaign, telling your business story in a speech, a presentation, through video or online….this is structure and strategy that works)


Learn a 7-step proven communications story structure to crafting a clear, captivating and compelling stories


Determine the best strategies for your business (because telling the right story to the wrong people isn’t helpful)


Unearth the keys to building resonance and connecting with your audience emotionally (win hearts and minds and profits)


Discover how to work with designers, videographers and partners who communicate your brand visually


Master the art of execution to apply your consistent story across all touchpoints (including talent acquisition)

Data Storytelling

Learn how to put your facts, bottom line numbers and big data into story form that moves people to action


What You'll Learn (Outline - Day One)

What You'll Learn (Outline - Day One)

  • How Learning To Tell A Captivating, Compelling Story Moves People To Action (and will help your business grow)
  • How The World’s Most Successful Companies Have Used Story + Strategy To Stay Sustainably Competitive
  • The Key Components of Story That Resonates + Activates
  • What Your Audience Really Wants

What You'll Learn (Outline - Day Two)

What You'll Learn (Outline - Day Two)

  • How To Position Your Company (And Yourself) In A Way That Works (This is the #1 area where CEOs, business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs miss the mark.)
  • What Are You Really Offering?  What Do You Stand For? (What’s At the Core)
  • Cohesiveness:  Putting It All Together
  • The Key To Building Resonance + Moving People To Action  (Change this and bridge the engagement gap.)

What You'll Learn (Outline - Day Three)

What You'll Learn (Outline - Day Three)

  • Bridge the Execution Gap – Where, When and How to Apply This Process 
  • Put Method in the Madness (How to use this process to work in your creative production — videos, social media, visual presentations, email marketing, etc.)
  • Strategy:  Choose The Right Six
  • Plus, SEO strategy resources and tools to ensure you’re speaking a language that ranks.


Deb Owen, Founder of Percorso

Practiced at the art of innovation and pragmatics of turning strategy into action, Deb’s strengths as both a creative + strategic thinker (a rare combination) have allowed her to utilize her knowledge of story structure to use STORY + STRATEGY to drive revenue, engagement, innovation, change and scalable, sustainable growth successfully in corporate, B2B, B2C, non-profit and small business environments for over two decades.  

(Most business storytellers don’t understand story structure.  And those who understand story structure don’t understand business.   Deb has been a resident of both worlds, bringing them together in STORY + STRATEGY.)

Deb has worked with military and civilian leaders in the Army and Navy, and a slew of others in state and national level government.  She’s worked with and for international multi-million dollar consumer electronics & telecommunications corporations, and worked one-on-one with a large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

She worked for a former Lt. Governor at a regional economic development organization where she developed a vision, a voice, and an innovative strategy that created a unified, cohesive region, implementing strategies that resulted in the establishment of a national presence.

Deb has garnered coverage + mentions in:

Spending a portion of her corporate life in learning & development, Deb designed and delivered a year long program based on the Toyota Production System after being trained at Toyota herself.  So she understands the facets of a successful business landscape — and knows how to design programs that work.

Deb has worked on projects that included collaborating with nationally-recognized celebrities and business leaders including Kathy Ireland and Sallie Krawcheck (once considered the most powerful woman on Wall Street). And was tapped by Carolyn Kepcher, formerly of the Trump Organization and the board room of the Apprentice, to write for a project called ‘Work Her Way’ alongside the likes of Bobbi Brown, of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Cathie Black, CEO of Hearst Publications that publishes ‘O’ Magazine.  

Anyone in your organization who influences or persuades others.  (Seriously.)  C-levels.  Leadership.  Your sales force.  Your marketing team.  The people working hard to find top talent.  Anyone who communicates vision and strategy hoping it weaves through the organization to build a cohesive team.  Anyone who gives speeches, builds presentations, puts together video and websites and social content (oh my!).  Not to mention anyone who interacts with shareholders, stakeholders, customers, potential investors, the media, vendors, suppliers and your internal team.  No worries.  Fill out the form below, and you’ll receive guidance on putting together the right group for you.

If the onsite workshop leaves you enthusiastic to implement, but you find you need more execution support, there are ongoing consulting opportunities available.  If you begin implementing with success, but find you need help for specific speeches, presentations, major events and campaigns, there are post-workshop options for that too.


1400 CEOs globally participated in the PriceWaterhouse Cooper survey.  Those CEOs are already strengthening relationships with customers and stakeholders by aligning their company’s sense of purpose, their core story, with their operational model to build better innovation and people capabilities matched to the core goal of profitability.  How much is it costing you to let them pass you by?  How much profit is being lost while some team members chase down dead-ends and do work that isn’t aligned with profit?  How much revenue is being missed just because people can’t hear you through the crowded clutter of the marketplace?  Not doing this may already be costing you a great deal.  Letting your competition get ahead of you certainly will.

Onsite Private Workshop Application

Deb works with only a select few corporations onsite per year.

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