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Middle Coast Film Festival & Girls Inc. Partner Host Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann at Film Camp to Empower Young Women


19 Jun Middle Coast Film Festival & Girls Inc. Partner Host Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann at Film Camp to Empower Young Women

Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann participated in a summer camp today where girls ages 12-18 learned about writing, shooting and producing a film. The girls interviewed Ellspermann as part of a short documentary they are producing during the course of the camp. Ellsper- mann also spoke to the group about continuing to enhance their technology skills that are necessary for jobs in the 21st century.

The campers, members of Girls Inc. of Monroe County, will produce a two minute documentaryabout the importance of Girls Inc. in the Bloomington community. The film screens on Saturday, Aug. 15, as part of the three-day Middle Coast Film Festival. Participating girls will have the opportunity to see the entire process of making a film, ending with walking the red carpet at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater the night the film is screened. The film will also be shown at the Girls Inc. 40th Anniversary luncheon July 30.

Campers interviewed Ellspermann about the importance of young women preparing for careers intechnology. She noted that all industries, including film production, rely on some level of technology.

“As a young woman engineering student at Purdue, I appreciated the support of mentors and learn- ing opportunities outside the classroom,” Ellspermann said. “Programs like this camp can help these young women appreciate the importance of good career choices that will ultimately make a differ- ence in their lives.”

Serving nearly 550 girls in Monroe County, Girls Inc strives to meet the needs of girls in the community through exciting, research-driven programming, sound mentoring, and a supportive environ- ment. The organization exists to empower girls to become responsible, self-reliant, successful wom- en.

“Young women need to be introduced to the world of filmmaking and film production so that theycan change the message in the media that is being told about women,” said festival founder
Jessica Levandoski. “Women need to be present in all aspects of film production, including the technical side, to make the film industry more equal.”


ABOUT Middle Coast Film Festival:  The Middle Coast Film Festival is Bloomington’s first interactive film festival, working in conjunction with the Bloomington community to provide access to both filmmakers and film audiences alike.  The Middle Coast Film Festival provides multi-day screenings of highly anticipated international and national short and feature films, web-based episodes, and music videos at a variety of venues in Bloomington. There are panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and multiple networking events throughout the downtown area, including local studios and restaurants. The Middle Coast Film Festival serves to combat the idea that quality film programming only exists on the East and West coasts, while creating a thriving film community in the midwest.  For tickets and more information about the Middle Coast Film Festival, go to www.middlecoastfest.com



I’ve been honored to be a part of the Middle Coast Film Festival team as they help empower women and young girls, while enriching the cultural quality of life in their community.   It’s been an inspiration, and I look forward to more.

All the best!