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Creativity. Innovation. Change.

Deb is engaging and insightful as she delivers a relevant and compelling speech that will leave your audience inspired — and with immediately actionable change strategies.

Business is a Living Story

Spending decades applying her craft + skills in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial arenas, Deb focuses her message on the power of story as it relates to leadership, creating company culture, branding and business as a movement.

A New Status Quo

In the search for creativity, innovation, change and staying ahead of a rapidly changing global landscape, Deb understands story is a catalyst and connector that drives revenue, engagement, creativity and culture.  Story is a metaphor for life, and the way we construct meaning around it.  It has power that can be harnessed for good.

Studying musical theater since she was a child, along with her vast speaking experience, allows Deb to speak to intimate groups of leaders or to large arenas filled with enthusiastic conference attendees.

Deb’s powerfully inspiring messages are matched with practical real-world application.

 Topics can be tailored for your event.  For booking information, fill out the form below —  and we’ll make it happen. 

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