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13 Apr 1400 CEOs Globally Are Redefining Success This Way (Are You?)

YOUR PEOPLE ARE PASSIONATE. YOUR PRODUCT, UNPARALLELED. YOUR PROCESSES ARE A THING OF STREAMLINED BEAUTY. Reorganization.  Fresh blood.  Throwing more money at the problem. The same answers dressed in different garb have garnered the same lackluster results. The old guard is talking cost, convenience and functionality. The new guard insists on...

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20 Jan Jam Session Interview with Indrani Goradia

Indrani Goradia has a grand vision for the world.  It's simple:  eradicate gender violence globally. Founder of Indrani’s Light Foundation (ILF), a non-profit family foundation that helps women and families take steps to live empowered lives, Indrani believes the tools to eradicate gender violence are already available. Her job...

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08 Sep Social Entrepreneurship Is The New Black

(Featured in:  Huffington Post & Inside Indiana Business) In his 2013 TED Talk, Harvard Business Strategy professor, Michael Porter, made his case for "why business can be good at solving social problems." In his speech, he made the bold claim that even massive problems such as climate change and...

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08 Sep Overcoming the Funding Gap For Women Entrepreneurs

Statistics for women-owned startups is bleak.  According to the Wall Street Journal, only 7% of venture funding and only 4% of the total dollar value of all small-business loans go to women-owned businesses.  Yet the record 9.9 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. generate more than...

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06 May Jam Session Interview: Caroline Dowd-Higg

Author of This Is Not The Career I Ordered, Caroline Dowd-Higgins is a nationally recognized career coach who empowers women to enjoy their lives and careers.  As a national speaker, she's a passionate advocate for women, giving them tangible tips and tools they can utilize...

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22 Jan Storytelling: 2015’s Most Powerful Strategic Business Weapon

The battleground has shifted.  As technology has reshaped industries and leveled the playing field, anything you can imagine, you can now build or do.  In today’s global, internet-powered economy,  filled with crowded marketplaces, startups seeking to break out as the next Google or Facebook, and...

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19 Oct Connection: 87% Of These People Yearn To Connect With You

  It's increasingly apparent.  We're hungry.  We're thirsty.  In a world supposedly more connected than ever through technology, we're still yearning for connection.  We'll even look to businesses we buy from for it. Edelman, the biggest PR firm on the planet, released a study this week showing...

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04 Oct A Manifesto For Your Business & Your Life

  A new video just for you. Warning:  visions may be created and action may be inspired. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdcPRKu7qTY   New Videos + Jam Sessions Jam Sessions is an interview series intended to enlighten, empower, and equip you in your life and business.  Interviews cover a range of topics from branding and...

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