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19 Oct Connection: 87% Of These People Yearn To Connect With You

  It's increasingly apparent.  We're hungry.  We're thirsty.  In a world supposedly more connected than ever through technology, we're still yearning for connection.  We'll even look to businesses we buy from for it. Edelman, the biggest PR firm on the planet, released a study this week showing...

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09 Oct Jam Session: Interview with Faith Hunter

I adore this woman.  Let's just get that out of the way off the bat.  From the first time I met her…well, you'll see.  (We even talk about that.) Faith Hunter is a global yoga instructor who has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal,...

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04 Oct A Manifesto For Your Business & Your Life

  A new video just for you. Warning:  visions may be created and action may be inspired. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdcPRKu7qTY   New Videos + Jam Sessions Jam Sessions is an interview series intended to enlighten, empower, and equip you in your life and business.  Interviews cover a range of topics from branding and...

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